An Hotel in Tremosine

Fam. Perini
our history

The hotel Pineta Campi was founded in 1973.

It is built on the plateau of Tremosine, called località Campi. At the beginning it offered just 17 rooms, a restaurant and a pizzeria. In the course of the years the hotel expanded significantly. In 2011 it was renovated to an extensive 76 rooms, 30 apartements and holiday houses, meanwhile achieving the 4th star for its high standard.

In the 1970sTremosine welcomed its first touristic flows, owing to its exclusive location. The territory offers mountain terraces, hills and mountains. It also has several routes for hiking and for those who are keen on trekking and mountain biking. The hinterland’s roads and villages are reminiscent of old times and have breathtaking views of Lago di Garda.

Tremosine starts at 500 meters reaching 1.375 meters above sea level. It comprises 18 hamlets situated on a natural and varied environment: Meadows,hillocks and small villages.

The climate is temperate due to the breezes and the beneficial influence of the Lake, which acts like a stabilizer, making the winter seasons mild and the summer seasons not too sultry. The Mediterreanean vegetation is an important natural resource. It ensures the healthiness of the air and the protection of the mountain slopes from landslides.

The Hotel Pineta Capi has been managed by the Perini Family for 43 years. To its guests, they would like to convey the harmony between the hotel structure and the surrounding green meadows and age-old pine trees.

Their greatest success is in fact the guest’s satisfaction, offering an unforgettable stay for both the long-term and the new ones.


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