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Tremosine:Sports & activities to do in Lake Garda

Experience an unforgettable holiday in Tremosine.

Discover all the activities to do in Lake Garda and its surroundings, spending a fantastic stay at the Hotel Pineta Campi full of sport and fun. Thanks to its excellent strategic location, the hotel offers many exciting things to do in the area of Tremosine, especially if you’re looking for a mix of adrenaline and fun.

Below we propose some of the activities to discover and experience during your holiday in Tremosine.

Mountain bike-E-Bike

Two-wheeled itineraries

Tremosine, as well as the whole area of Lake Garda, offers wonderful routes for lovers of two wheels including those which form part of the Alto Garda Bresciano, loved by bikers from all over Europe and beyond. The view that this portion of Lake Garda offers is very interesting thanks to its geographical position, its geological structure and the presence of the lake, that influences the ecosystem of the whole area.

That is why this route, characterised by its unique and incomparable beauty, is considered one of the best to ride on a MTB or an e-bike. You can rent only E-Bike at our hotel.

Tremosine is one of those tours that every passionate biker would like to do at least once in their life. Adrenaline, fun and enchanting panoramic view that the road presents between climbs and descents, especially when coming down from the Dolomite spires of Passo Tremalzo. This tour is very popular with bikers and hikers who come here to admire the amazing view from the two peaks, Monte Tremalzo and Cima del Dil, Lake Garda and Ledro.

Discover our E-Bike service

Hotel Pineta Campi has always been attentive to the well-being and comfort of its guests and to green mobility in full respect of the environment, offering an e-bike rental service. Inside the hotel there is a charging service from the electric column, with direct payment to the supplier Viride Mobility.



Immersed in the nature of the Alto Gardesano Natural Park

Near the town where Hotel Pineta Campi is located, there are a series of paths for excursions to follow in close contact with nature, wrapped in the wonderful Natural Park. Paths and mountain roads are perfectly marked and indicated on the appropriate maps that are just waiting to reveal themselves to your eyes.

For trekking lovers, it will be a unique experience to have the opportunity to discover the wonders that nature contains, walk and go into the pine forests and neighbouring pastures.

Some of these itineraries, also suitable for mountain bike tours, lead without difficulty to the huts for cattle pastures and to the alpine refuges for refreshments.



An adrenaline-filled adventure in the water trails of Alto Garda

For all those who love holidays full of adrenaline and adventure, for those who love to experience strong emotions, such as being carried away by the thrill of speed and water in a rather unusual place, canyoning in Alto Garda is the ideal sport.

Climb into a canyon, accompanied by a specialist guide, and descend into the cracks of the gorges, formed over time, by the passage of the Brasa Stream and the San Michele Stream. Here you can discover unspoiled and hidden natural landscapes that will leave you speechless for their beauty; natural pools and waterfalls from which you can dive, and swim surrounded by wild nature.


Kite surf

Lake Garda: a paradise for kite surfers

For true kite surfing enthusiasts, Lake Garda offers the opportunity to practice this sensational sport thanks to the presence of the winds that usually blow in the Alto Garda area. An intense and fun sporting activity between slopes and gorges, in the middle of the mountains.



Lake Garda by motorbike

For all those motorcyclists who want to explore the wilderness, face to face with nature on the wings of freedom, the Strada della Forra is one of the most popular and spectacular trails on Lake Garda.

Winston Churchill even called it the eighth wonder of the world, and he had every reason to do so, because it is absolutely a fantastic journey through the beauties of nature. The Sp38 as it is called "bureaucratically" but better known as the Strada della Forra, is located in the municipality of Tremosine and reaches the highlands of Tremosine itself along the Brasa Stream. The road was built by the request of Don Giacomo Zanini to connect the plateau and the lake and is recognised as one of the most beautiful scenic roads on Lake Garda and in the world.

The Strada della Forra also boasts a precious cameo in the world of cinema, as its breathtaking view and the hairpin bends that climb the mountain, were the backdrop to the unparalleled chase of one of the James Bond films. This is one more reason to travel the road of the Forra by motorbike!


In and around Tremosine

Tremosine: an Eden between earth, lake and sky... so much to discover

We are located by Lake Garda, one of the "most beautiful villages of Italy", where adventure, relaxation and beauty come together and make for unforgettable emotions. A fantastic place, with much to be discovered, which includes 18 hamlets, one of which is located on the riviera and the other along a 72km route, located in the characterful and evocative Garda plateau, where they seem to be set on meadows, hills and small valleys of unparalleled panoramic beauty , which dominate the entire lake.

Welcome to Tremosine sul Garda, in the heart of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park.

A characterful town with its magnificent views and its landscapes that has remained intact over time, which make it a place to be discovered, interesting from every point of view, very connected to tradition and to the territory itself. This nature is preserved and respected and is the undisputed highlight, giving unique and unforgettable moments during your holiday on Lake Garda.

Do not forget to pop in to Pieve, the capital of the municipality of Tremosine, located at 413m above sea level overlooking Lake Garda, characterised by typical italian alleys and narrow streets.


Alto Gardesano Nature Park

The Alto Gardesano Bresciano Park is one of the most important areas in Lombardy from a naturalistic, touristic and historical point of view. An inimitable landscape that makes it an ideal destination to discover through the endless activities to do in contact with unspoiled nature.

Here, the highest mountains of the Park, which reach almost 2.000 m, merge with the blue waters of Lake Garda, offering unmatchable views.  The green plateau of Tremosine, nestled in the mountains and lake, between Alpine and Mediterranean landscape, is a real natural oasis that welcomes a great heritage of flora and fauna, a natural paradise that satisfies the spirit.  Beyond the lake, in a frontal position, stands the imposing Monte Baldo.


The Strada della Forra... A wonder to walk

Do not forget another wonder to discover by motorbike, car and, for the more sporty, by bike or on foot. The amazing Strada della Forra consisting of climbs and descents that lead from the magnificent lake to Pieve di Tremosine. It winds through the mountain and runs along the deep gorge dug by the Brasa stream, sometimes grooved into the rock and sometimes cantilevered on cliffs that leave you breathless.

A route of about 6 km exciting and sometimes incredible, given its conformity, characterised by the intersection of cliffs overlooking the lake and gorges and plants that climb in this unlit tunnel.

On the day of the inauguration of the road, in May 1913, a correspondent of the well-known German newspaper Frankfurter Zeitung called it "the most beautiful street in the world" and, subsequently, Winston Churchill also called it the eighth wonder of the world. Walking along it, in a few minutes you pass from the characteristic liveliness of the Gardesana Riviera to the tranquillity of the plateau, from whose panoramic terraces overlooking the lake, nature shows man all its splendor.

This evocative itinerary has been chosen by well-known directors as the location for many advertisings, music video clips and famous films set, including one of the masterpieces of the saga of Agent 007: Quantum of Solace, in which James Bond is filmed during a high-speed chase in the Strada della Forra.

Reach Tremosine sul Garda through this picturesque road and enjoy the show.


Emotions at high altitude

The"Terrazza del Brivido", suspended at 350 m above the lake, offers a breathtaking view. A stop not to be missed if you are on Lake Garda where you can admire a unique view. During the day you can see the hamlet of Campione, the entrance to the Strada della Forra and, on days when the sun is shining, Monte Baldo that rises between the blue sky and the blue of the lake.


The famous Scala Tonda

Among the most evocative and famous views of Tremosine we are delighted to mention is the Scala Tonda. This eccentrically shaped staircase located at the entrance of the house of the famous Italian geologist and engineer, Arturo Cozzaglio. The house, to date, still retains its characteristic structure and furnishings of the era in which Cozzaglio lived there, between 1800 and 1900.


Taste & Tradition of Lake Garda

At nightfall and throughout the day discover the delights of a simple, refined cuisine in the many farmhouses and restaurants in Tremosine sul Garda, which focus on tradition and sustainability of locally produced food.

Even when dining at the table we find the interweaving of Mediterranean and Alpine flavours: from lake fish to mountain game, from the famous Garda extra virgin olive oil to the precious Garda black truffles, from wines to DOP cheeses and much more to delight your palate.

Tremosine sul Garda, in addition to a wide range of flavours, offers interesting cultural experiences that will give you the opportunity to learn about the tradition of this land. We mention the Sacri Tridui, a light show that frames the passage of Lent, during the Easter period. The game of Sciapì that was once played and that will show children the simplicity with which we had fun in the past without having much available. And finally, the traditions related to agriculture that are still handed down today among the forges and ancient mills.

A harmonious meeting of opportunities and interests that will make your holiday on Lake Garda, in Tremosine, unique and unforgettable.

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